Rashmi's Story

From Engineer to Speaker Coach

How Rashmi Found Her Voice & Empowered Others

Rashmi is a successful engineer, entrepreneur, and speaker who immigrated to Australia from India. In this text, she shares her inspiring journey of overcoming challenges, pursuing her passion, and helping women from diverse backgrounds to find their voice and confidence.

  • Introduction

    Rashmi immigrated to Perth, Australia in 2002 from India. She arrived here as a qualified Electronics & Telecommunications Engineer with over a decade of commercial experience.

    She brings her career growth experience that saw her progress from an onsite engineer to becoming head of department that worked with CXO level in the organizations worked. These organizations included the top multinationals in the telecom industry and required extensive travel in Asia & Europe.

  • Transition

    Soon after arriving in Australia, she realized, that her experience needed to be made Australia friendly. In order to achieve this transition, she completed her project management certification (PMI), and started working part time as a Project Coordinator. She took her ambitions to the next level by graduating with an MBA from the Curtin Graduate School of Business.

  • Passion

    Her personal journey and rich experience in moving into a vastly different cultural environment, has guided her decision to pursue her passion for public speaking.

    This passion together with her two decades of experience, has driven her to develop a story that motivates and helps empower women. Women that feel like the world passes them by.

    Her story particularly helps women from Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD). It helps them improve their self-esteem and gives them confidence to engage with life.

  • Projects

    Within the first of starting her business, she has worked on projects with organisations such Curtin University, Befriend, Bilingual Families Perth, Dressed for Success, and Ishar (A multicultural women health organisation).

    All this passion, experience and insight are brought to life through her presentation” Presenting Confidently at work. Embrace your culture : fast track your career – the importance of mental health and raising confident, resilient multi-lingual children”.

    Currently working on her book titled The complete guide to Story-Telling- for non-native English speakers, she is also a presenter and speaker with the renowned TEDx Speaker circuit.


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